PaddyIreneStarling's work in oil, acrylics, and watercolours has been regularly likened to that of artist Winslow Homer, whom Starling considers a major influence. In the dynamic compositions and sweeping grace of his coastal and river landscapes, Starling nimbly captures the very essence of flowing and receding water.

The masterful realism of these works has garnered the admiration of critics and colleagues alike - not only for Starling’s virtuoso brushwork, but for the hints of plein air impressionism in his depiction of light. In the fly fishermen and river landscapes of the Cape, Starling felt an inherent connection between man and nature that was at once majestic, intimate, and unaffected.

Ian Keogan of the Everard Read Gallery encouraged Starling to fully embrace realism in his work and, in doing so, Starling's paintings displayed a renewed clarity and maturity that brought him to the attention of a growing legion of fans, who saw in his regionalist depictions of country life strains of Homer, Andrew Wyeth, and Pieter Hugo Naude.

PaddyPaint3Today, Starling's voice is unquestionably his own. Residing in the coastal village of Betty's Bay, he continues to explore the emotional textures of his surroundings, incorporating the monumental remoteness of the landscape with the purity of light unique to the Overberg.

Paddy Starling is represented by the following art outlets:

Cherie DeVilliers Gallery ( )
Walker Bay Gallery Hermanus ( )
Eclectica Gallery Wynberg ( )
Art & Wine Gallery Clarens
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